Wednesday, July 10, 2013

If you were arrested for being a Christian........

........would there be enough evidence to convict you?

It's easy to SAY you're a Christian. Do your actions back that up? Do people see a difference in your life, something that makes them want what you've got? If they can't, there's a problem!!!

It seems too many these days want to SAY they're a Christian and there's nothing there to back it up. I once heard a preacher ask the question "what do you do when someone pulls out on you? Do you smile and go on or do you give them the California howdy?" In case you DON'T know what the "California howdy" is, there was a scene in the movie version of The Beverly Hillbillies where the Clampetts were flipped off and they thought it meant "howdy."

Do foul words come out of your mouth? Now I'm not talking about hitting your finger with a hammer and something slips out. I'm talking on a consistent basis here. People do notice these things whether we realize it or not. Those who aren't Christians expect to be able to see a difference.

Do you make sexually explicit comments? The Bible says that no coarse language should be named among Christians. Now there's nothing wrong with private things between spouses but in public by singles? That's a no-no. We shouldn't be taking jokes "below the belt" as Christians.

Does your music reflect what a Christian should listen to? I'm not about to go off on a legalistic bent here. I've heard preachers infer that you can tell how close a person is to God by seeing where their radio is set at. I disagree with that. I have no problem with secular music as long as the message doesn't big dishonor to what God says in His word.

The same thing with TV/movies. Is what we're watching something that's going to bring dishonor to God? Would you watch it if Jesus was there?

I'm not trying to come down on anyone, believe me. I'm far from perfect and have areas I need to work on myself. I don't dare point fingers-I'd have 4 pointing back at me. Just remember that when we name the name of Christ we have a lost and dying out there watching to see if we live up to that name.

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