Wednesday, July 10, 2013

An equal playing field or why I'm tired of discrimination

Discrimination isn't a pretty thing when used in the wrong context. Sadly, it has been with us throughout history in one form or another and I am sure it always will be until Christ comes back and sets up His kingdom. Rich against poor. Master against slave. The powerful against the weak.

Discrimination isn't always a bad thing. If someone isn't qualified to do a job, it's okay to discriminate against them and not hire them. You don't want a guy driving a semi-truck that has multiple tickets for speeding and has been convicted of road rage.

The discrimination I speak of that must be stopped is discrimination against white people. Too many seem to have the idea that "whitey" should pay for something done 150+ years ago. Minorities are now given special status when considered for jobs, schooling, etc. In reality, this is also a reverse discrimination of sorts against people that identify as minorities.

Is this what Martin Luther King, Jr. fought and died for? His dream was there would be equality for his descendants, an equality that didn't see them for their skin color. Would Mr. King be in support of quotas? No, I don't believe he would be. I believe he would say that it's still discrimination against the person of color by saying they aren't good enough to get the job or school placement on their own and he would be right.

Jobs or school placements should go to the best candidate, no matter the skin color. Giving it to someone on the basis of their skin color is double discrimination. It's discriminating against someone who is more qualified and it's also telling the person of color they are somehow beneath the white guy and need special treatment to advance.

What would happen if I wanted to start the WAACP? I would be called a racist and hatemonger. However, it's okay for there to be an NAACP!!!

The same issue would occur if I wanted to become a Congressman and start the Congressional White Caucus. I would be labeled a divisive hate monger, all the while it being okay there is a Congressional BLACK Caucus.

I do watch black-themed channels on TV now and then. Centric shows The A-Team, a show I've always loved. However, if I wanted to start a channel devoted to white people, there would be an outcry of mass hysteria.

Had the KKK been present during this past election intimidating black people, Obama and Holder would be jumping up and down, appointing a special investigator, etc. However, it's okay if it's the Black Panthers attempting to suppress and intimidate white voters and the Justice Department turns and looks the other way, pretending it never happened. Mind you, I do not support the KKK and their shenanigans but the Black Panthers are no better than the KKK.

It's time to level the playing field. It's time to end affirmative action for starters. It does nothing more than humiliate the person of African or Hispanic origin, telling them they are not as good as the white man. It's time to end the calls of racism when the white man stands up for his rights. It's time that we see Reverend King's dream fulfilled.

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  1. Agreed.

    It seems that instead of being incensed over only their skin color determining their worth, blacks continue to segregate themselves, even when society is not doing it. Groups such as the ones you mentioned are tired and outdated. Yet, they live and thrive, and yes, there would be no chance to create the exact same groups, only replacing "black" with "white".

    The fact is, NO ONE chooses their skin color.
    Until that time comes, it needs to not be a qualifier of ANY type - education, jobs, schooling, special interest groups, etc. We need to return to looking at the INDIVIDUAL qualifications for any given situation.

    I don't care a bit about skin color. It is the dark souls and black hearts that concern me, and those come packaged in every color of skin, including white. There are good and bad people of EVERY color under the sun. Skin color has zero indication of who you are, unless you choose to only identify yourself as such.

    It is time to get back to being AMERICAN, not "African-American" (most of whom have never had a thing to do with Africa beyond seeing it on a map), not Hispanic-American, etc etc. You are either a citizen of this country, or you are not. If you are and don't like it, there is nothing stopping you from leaving to find your Utopia. Until then, you are living HERE. You can be part of making it the best country in the world, or part of making it no better than the third-world barbaric places we hear about in the news.

    Which do you choose?