Monday, April 7, 2014

The Power of One

The power of one. This is something I've been thinking of for about a week or so and while I have a bit of down time between classes, I figured I would address it.

We hear that “one is a lonely number” and there’s strength in numbers. Yes, those things are undeniably true. Sometimes, though, change starts with the power of one.

Two times a week I sit in a so-called political science class in which it seems almost every belief I hold sacred is ridiculed. In the mind of this professor, liberal equals good and conservative equals bad. She has been the subject of previous blogs I’ve written, quite a few Facebook status updates and numerous tweets. On a personal level, I find her to be a pleasant person who is quite likeable but who is also very dead wrong from so many standpoints including political, religious and historical.

As I sit through this class biting my tongue, I am blessed to know that I was raised differently, that I was actually taught the true history of America (even learning more about our Founding Fathers as I became an adult) and was raised in a Bible-believing, Christ-centered church. I also realize that my generation isn’t getting younger and there’s a generation coming up behind my generation that may well not know the rich history of this nation and are being indoctrinated in falsehoods and half-truths on a daily basis.

I look around and see everything topsy-turvy in this nation. Truly the Bible was right in saying in the last days evil would be called good and good would be called evil. I sometimes think that maybe our great nation is beyond hope and it’s useless to even try, especially when you have liberal professors spewing out leftist indoctrination, even going to a point of saying that socialism is good (yes, this was said the first day of class) and holding up the USPS as some sterling model of how well the government works. It’s enough to make one consider throwing in the towel.

Oh but that power of one! What can one man do you ask? History is chocked full of references to that “one man or woman” who made a difference. Just pick up a Bible and see how that those who had God and truth on their side turned things upside down! One person, as long as they have God on their side, is a MAJORITY!!!

Don’t be afraid to speak up for what’s right. Yes, you may get ridiculed for saying what’s right and even laughed at. I’m sure Noah, a great man of the Judeo-Christian heritage, was laughed and sneered at for building a boat when no one had saw rain before. In the end, though, he was proven right and I’m sure there weren’t many who didn’t wish they had listened to Noah. Speak up for what is right. Do your research on the topics that matter. When you’re told that Christianity played no role in the shaping of this nation, refute that with the facts. You never know who is listening and may have their way of thinking changed as a result of you standing up for the truth.

I also want to give a shout out here. As much as I love blogging/talking about the liberal professor I deal with, I’ve also had professors who make it a point of telling you to think for yourself and to research the issues before having a knee jerk reaction!