Sunday, August 4, 2013

Don't take your health for granted

I have to be desperate these days to go to see the doctor. The thought of paying cash for an office visit since I don't have insurance is frightening. Thankfully the nurse practitioner’s office I use allows a substantial discount for paying up front.  Laying all that aside, let’s get to the meat and potatoes of what happened.

I think a lot of you are familiar with the fact I’ve been dealing with some pain for over a month now, pain I blamed on wrestling with the boys and landing on my elbow. Eventually, the pain began to spread into my arm and shoulder. I even have dealt with shooting pains in my fingers. I scheduled a doctor’s appointment.

As always, I got weighed and had my vitals took. I showed to have gained about 1 ½ pounds since my last visit way back in February. Considering I was fasting in February and wasn’t on this visit, it shouldn’t have been alarming on that part but it alarms me. I was exercising like crazy earlier in the year, spending a lot of time on the gazelle and/or walking several miles per day. Not good.

I fell out of my routine and being in pain for a couple of months hasn’t helped anything. My blood pressure was up (not dangerous by any means) as was my heart rate. This is NOT good. I’ve been forcing myself to get back on the gazelle lately. I may be sore afterwards but the weight has to come back off and the blood pressure MUST come down. I’m not proud of myself but what good will I do to beat myself up?

Here’s to starting the journey of healthiness again.