Wednesday, July 2, 2014

False prophets and "touching God's anointed"

I suppose anyone who knows me well knows I hold strong opinions on things; I wasn't voted "most opinionated" in high school for no reason! I've learned to tone it down over the years and be a little more moderate. Sometimes things just get to be such a burr in the butt that I have to speak! False prophets are one thing that can get me worked up as you'll see from other posts I've made.

I had a spirited discussion on Facebook about Joel Osteen yesterday. I realize he's a pretty popular guy in the world of Christendom today and you're opening up a hornets nest to speak ill of him with some folks. You have some who'll tell you "oh, you shouldn't call out a fellow Christian" or "hey, we need someone positive in the church today." My comments were removed from the discussion because I outright called Joel Osteen a false prophet and I had one person telling me I really "needed to be careful" and not call names. Perhaps I went too far in name calling but exactly what do you call someone who teaches a feel good message that doesn't line up with the Bible?

How far have we come? I think we've regressed when we can't call a spade a spade without someone saying we're name calling! Here's a man who went on CNN and had an awesome opportunity to witness to the world about the Christian faith. Instead he loused it up by saying he just couldn't say whether or not Christ was the only way to Heaven. Look, yes, I know Peter denied Jesus three times under pressure. Peter repented of his actions and became a mighty soul winner. Mr. Osteen seems more concerned with being a cheerleader and telling people God wants them to have the prime parking spot at the grocery store. You can have "your best life now" according to Mr. Osteen. Somehow that doesn't jive with Jesus saying we'd have persecution and troubles in the world. 

What I really get bugged by is this whole "touch not my anointed" thing. People are walking around in fear of DARING to say something a preacher is saying is wrong and seem afraid to think for themselves. In Acts 17 we find the Bereans searching the Scripture to see if what Paul is saying was true. A true man of God shouldn't be having to scare people with this "touch not mine anointed" line. My pastor has said many times before not to take his word for it but to look it up because we should know Scripture ourselves.

We find the New Testament replete with references to Christ and the New Testament saints not afraid to speak the truth about religious wrongs being practiced.

In Matthew 3:7, John the Baptist had this to say: But when he saw many of the Pharisees and Sadducees coming for baptism, he said to them, You brood of vipers! Who warned you to flee and escape from the wrath and indignation [of God against disobedience] that is coming? (Amplified)

In Jude, we find the following:

10 But these men revile (scoff and sneer at) anything they do not happen to be acquainted with and do not understand; and whatever they do understand physically [that which they know by mere instinct], like irrational beasts--by these they corrupt themselves and are destroyed (perish).
11 Woe to them! For they have run riotously in the way of Cain, and have abandoned themselves for the sake of gain [it offers them, following] the error of Balaam, and have perished in rebellion [like that] of Korah!
12 These are hidden reefs (elements of danger) in your love feasts, where they boldly feast sumptuously [carousing together in your midst], without scruples providing for themselves [alone]. They are clouds without water, swept along by the winds; trees, without fruit at the late autumn gathering time--twice (doubly) dead, [lifeless and] plucked up by the roots;
13 Wild waves of the sea, flinging up the foam of their own shame and disgrace; wandering stars, for whom the gloom of eternal darkness has been reserved forever. (Amplified)

In Acts the 8th chapter, we find Peter rebuking Simon the Sorcerer for his wishing to purchase the ability to the gift of the Spirit: 

17 Then [the apostles] laid their hands on them one by one, and they received the Holy Spirit.
18 However, when Simon saw that the [Holy] Spirit was imparted through the laying on of the apostles' hands, he brought money and offered it to them,
19 Saying, Grant me also this power and authority, in order that anyone on whom I place my hands may receive the Holy Spirit.
20 But Peter said to him, Destruction overtake your money and you, because you imagined you could obtain the [free] gift of God with money!
21 You have neither part nor lot in this matter, for your heart is all wrong in God's sight [it is not straightforward or right or true before God].
22 So repent of this depravity and wickedness of yours and pray to the Lord that, if possible, this contriving thought and purpose of your heart may be removed and disregarded and forgiven you.
23 For I see that you are in the gall of bitterness and in a bond forged by iniquity [to fetter souls]. (Amplified)

Peter didn't say he'd pray for him or wish him well; he got straight to the point!

Folks, God is not going to cut you down for calling wrong "wrong." As Christians we have a responsibility to point out those who are in error with their teachings. I'm not talking about doctrinal differences but I'm talking about outright error and falsehood. Even the Bible gives us instructions on what to do with a brother or sister who is "overtaken in a fault." Spiritual lives and eternity is on the line!

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